Our philosophy

We believe that the foundations of great wine are laid down in its terroir. Cultivating our winefields is our passion. We work mostly by hand to have a constant overlook over our winefields and sparsely use the tractor to avoid compacting the soil. 

Aged between 20 and 40 years, our old winefields excel under this nurturing fieldwork to produce our traditional luxembourgish wines.

In Bordeaux and Côtes de Roussillon, we met winemakers that share our vision, and in collaboration with them we’ve been producing powerful french wines with a luxembourgish touch. 

Years of collaboration has given us knowledge about different grape varieties and methods of production. This experience with an ever changing climate has led us to import grape varieties such as Merlot and Syrah. We are excited to vinify those grapes.

Harvesting is a special moment of the year. Several passages are systematically carried out in order to harvest only perfectly ripe and healthy grapes. Those efforts are necessary because we  ask a lot of the grapes. Indeed, we want to be the least interventionist possible in the cellar and to trust nature during the vinification.

This method allows our wines to obtain rich, powerful and complex flavors with strong characters.

Who we are

Benoît and Claude

Located on top of the vineyards in Remich, we are a small winery that puts all its passion into our wine fields. We believe that quality wines are made in harmony with nature and only first-class grapes are used to create wines with character. 

We exported this philosophy to Bordeaux and Côtes de Roussillon, where we work in collaboration with local winemakers that share our vision.

A good wine deserves an ideal environment to be fully enjoyed. At our winery, Am Wäikeller, anywhere we bring our wine, we work hard to be worthy to enjoy wine.